Trainings - Tuesday, June 6

Afternoon Training Sessions
2-4 p.m.

Trainings are add-ons and not included in the Symposium Pass registration. Each training session is $25 for USGIF Members and $30 for USGIF Non-Members. Sign up for training during the registration process.

Open Geospatial Machine LearningDataRobot
River Level 006C

CANCELED – Attendees who have registered for this training will be notified by Spargo.

This workshop will guide attendees through the entire geospatial machine learning workflow. Participants will be exposed to a variety of open-source tools used to process, model, and visualize geospatial data including PySAL, GDAL, and QGIS. We will work through a supervised machine learning problem to predict the sale price of single family homes in Pinellas County, Fla.

Recent Advances in Deep Learning: Fusing Overhead and Ground-Level Views for Remote SensingUniversity of Kentucky; UC Berkeley’s International Computer Science Institute
River Level 006D

This tutorial provides an overview of recent advances in deep learning methods for automatically extracting geospatial information from ground-level and overhead imagery. The focus will be on cross-view methods, which combine these modalities. Applications to scene classification, scene modeling, urban infrastructure assessment, and vehicle detection will be highlighted.

Exploitation of the OGC OWS Context Standard for Shared Situational AwarenessENVITIA
River Level 007A

This training will provide an overview of the concepts of OWS Context, describe some of the key elements of the use of OWS Context, and will show a practical demonstration of its use within both desktop/browser and mobile (tablet/phone) based clients. There may be an opportunity to allow participants to share COPs in OWS context documents via laptops, tablets or phones.

Cognitive Social Media Analytics FrameworkIBM
River Level 007B

This training teaches attendees the Cognitive Social Media Analytics Framework. This application was developed which to automatically extract key information and relationships expressed in Twitter text data, and tested its potential to deliver near real-time intelligence in the form of high-confidence alerts to military customers at the operational or tactical level.

Geospatial Intelligence Analysis using a Web-Enabled GISEsri
River Level 007C

In this course, attendees will learn to discover and use existing content to create web maps, applications, groups, and share finished products with others in an online environment. Through realistic scenarios, participants will learn the essentials of discovering, using, making, and sharing web maps, applications, analysis, and other geospatial content.

Design Thinking Boot Camp: Delivering High-Value Mission SolutionsOGSystems
River Level 007D

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the basic tenets of design thinking and will practice observational and understanding techniques against a sample problem. The objective is to help attendees learn new ways to approach challenging problems, harvest ideas, explore new alternatives, and synthesize options. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and retrain the way you think about designing solutions.

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