Trainings - Tuesday, June 6

Morning Training Sessions
7-9 a.m.

Trainings are add-ons and not included in the Symposium Pass registration. Each training session is $25 for USGIF Members and $30 for USGIF Non-Members. Sign up for training during the registration process.

Fast prototyping of satellite imagery analysis algorithms using open source software and cloud computing infrastructuresDescartes Labs
River Level 006C

Cloud computing and storage, combined with recent advances in machine learning, are enabling understanding of the world at a scale and level of detail never before feasible. Attendees will learn the general data flow and computational aspects required for prototyping of various satellite imagery analysis algorithms using open-source software and cloud computing resources.

Structured Sharing for Sensitive Geospatial Data: Proven Techniques for Sophisticated Data PermissioningTesla Government, Inc.
River Level 006D

This course will demonstrate proven techniques for permissioning geospatial data that empowers partners to share information at their comfort level. Using the case study of Countering Wildlife Trafficking, the trainers will show how these techniques work with NGOs, foreign governments, and U.S. departments and agencies.

The current state and trends in commercial small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to support the GEOINT community and overview of the FAA Part 107 regulations for the operation of UAS for commercial purposesSinclair Community College
River Level 007A

This training will provide an overview of the current state and trends in commercial sUAS and sensor technologies as well as an overview of the FAA Part 107 regulations for the operation of 55 pounds or less unmanned aerial systems. The training will provide an overview of applicable sUAS technologies to the GEOINT Community’s missions as well as examples of CONOPs that may be executed with the existing commercial platforms and regulations.

Overview of Non-commercial Civilian Imaging Satellites and their GeoINT ApplicationsMDA Information Systems
River Level 007B

NASA, the European Space Agency, and several other civilian government agencies around the world deploy and operate earth imaging satellites. This training session provides information about some of these non-commercial, less traditional sources of GEOINT, as well as provide information about the sensors, how to obtain the imagery, and demonstrate ways their data can augment GEOINT workflows.

GEOINT analysis for the “Xbox Generation”VRICON
River Level 007C

This session will explore the advantages of working in a 3D “Xbox-like” environment versus traditional 2D imagery exploitation. Participants will be introduced to an overview of where 3D analysis is most effective, the use cases where 3D solutions can add greater insights and understanding, and a hands-on demonstration showing how analysts and operators use 3D data to create solutions for their challenges today.

Approaches to Object Detection with SpaceNet Satellite Imagery using machine learningNVIDIA
River Level 007D

This training will describe different image processing approaches and techniques for detecting and localizing objects in images, and discuss the trade-offs involved with the different techniques. We will then demonstrate how DIGITS, a tool for easily implementing deep learning, can be used to train Deep Neural Networks for two or three of these different techniques.

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