USGIF Working Group Meetings

Join USGIF Working Groups for the following events and meetings during GEOINT 2017.

These meetings are open to all GEOINT 2017 attendees.

Monday, June 5

NAWG/NAIAWG Joint Session
Business Model Evolution to Meeting Emerging Mission Needs
1-2 p.m.
River Level 006A/B

Join USGIF’s NGA and NRO Industry Advisory Working Groups as they discuss how changes in the government-industry business model and the move to the cloud will affect the industry base and future acquisitions. Bringing industry and government expertise together, the NGA and NRO IAWGs work to improve acquisition through pragmatic, actionable ideas. Topics will include findings of a Mock Acquisition Panel, make-buy criteria for COTS vs GOTS procurement, and a pending course on Software Business 101.

Small Sats Working Group
Enabling the Next Generation of Satellites: Policy and Programmatic Considerations
2:30-3:30 p.m.
River Level 006A/B

Moderated by the USGIF Small Satellite Working Group Co-chair Rob Zitz, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer, SSL MDA. Senior leading experts in the satellite field will discuss the concept of ‘new space’ and consider what changes are required to accelerate the GEOINT community’s transformation. Panelists will debate barriers and recommend actions needed for the community to fully realize the potential the next generation of spacecraft and associated ground systems.

Tuesday, June 6

Modeling and Simulation Working Group
Modeling and Simulation Working Group Meeting
8-9 a.m.
River Level 006A/B

The M&S Working Group has been working with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) to promote interoperability between simulations and sources of GEOINT. We will review accomplishments, discuss plans, and showcase some emerging technology and interoperability efforts from the services and industry.

Geospatial and Remote Sensing Law Working Group
Maximizing Effective Use of GEOINT Data and Small Sat Collection-Navigating Privacy and Data Protection Regulatory Issues
1-2 p.m.
River Level 006A/B

Hear Industry experts from the USGIF Geospatial and Remote Sensing Working Group address key legal issues associated with Small Sat and other GEOINT Data Collection and Processing. The panel will focus on: NOAA licensing requirements for Small Sat Imagery Collection including proposed new restrictions on Imagery collection, requirements for data protection plans under NOAA Licenses and NOAA audit requirements.

Sharing Data with EU Privacy Rules-application of Privacy Shield.

Application of new FAR/DFAR cyber rules for GEOINT data under Government Contracts.

Small Business Advisory Working Group
Creative Contracting Techniques for Meeting Small Business Goal
2:30-3:30 p.m.
River Level 006A/B

A discussion with NGA Senior Acquisition Leadership on Small Business participation and success in the NGA market. Key documents to be discussed and addressed are the 22 June 2016 “Inspection of NGA’s Office of Small Business Programs” and the SBAWG Small Business Challenges May 2017 White Paper

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Working Group
The State of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in GEOINT
4-5 p.m.
River Level 006A/B

While ML and AI have already shown promise in GEOINT applications there remain many opportunities to build on successes and apply emerging technologies and techniques. This panel of government and industry representatives will share best practices/lessons learned and identify opportunities for new applications of ML and AI capabilities.

Wednesday, June 7

Young Professionals Working Group and Tradecraft & Professional Development Committee
USGIF New Mentoring Program Overview
8-9 a.m.
River Level 006A/B

What is the biggest challenge you face as a young professional? Many people who are starting a new career face a bewildering array of options. Typical challenges for new professionals include setting career goals, networking, and professional development. Where do you go to find guidance? Do you talk to friends, co-workers, or your supervisor? While these are all great resources, they may not have all the answers. USGIF is developing a mentorship program that will help you approach some of these challenges differently. With access to a dedicated and experienced GEOINT professional, you will have the resources to make better decisions about your career. Come help us identify essential aspects of USGIF IMPACT, a mentoring program for GEOINT professionals.

In this session, we will discuss typical mentoring relationships, why they do or do not work, and we will collect feedback from the audience to tailor this program to people like you. Prospective mentors should attend to share their mentoring experiences, and to shape the program from their perspective. Attendees of this workshop will gain early access to program applications and materials before they are available to the public.

USGIF Analytic Modernization Working Group
The Future of Analysis: A Visioneering Session
1-2 p.m.
River Level 006A/B

Facilitators: Mr. Omar Balkisoon, CEO, OGSystems, and Dr. Patrick Biltgen, Technical Director for Analytics, Vencore

Please join the newly-minted Analytic Modernization Working Group for a lively facilitated discussion focused on exploring Analytic Modernization. Our facilitators, Mr. Omar Balkisoon and Dr. Patrick Biltgen will engage with participants to elicit ideas and concepts that are key to the success of Analytic Modernization initiatives across the community. The ideas and concepts discussed during this session will be illustrated in real-time by Ben Tinker, OGSystems Visioneer.”